Here is Sicilia's long awaited recommended course menu.

To start with, the first dish is a green salad, an artistically arranged salad that will steal your heart.

It's actually one cucumber cut into about 50 slices and beautifully arranged.
The next dish is "Onion Gratin Soup".

The onions are carefully pan-fried until they become a dark purple color. They melt in your mouth and release the sweetness of the onions.

Scope up the the cheese topping with the French bread and dip it into the soup. It will give you a feeling of comfort and nostalgia.
And now, we have the long awaited Sicilia special "Anchovy and garlic" pizza! What's special about this pizza is the thin, crispy crust with the unique rectangular shape. The previous owner used to work in a restaurant where that chef had worked in an Italian submarine. He had to work in a narrow space in the submarine kitchen and he had to think of how to make delicious pizzas efficiently in the small space he was given. This was how Sicilia's famous, special pizza came to be. Lots of cheese, anchovy and garlic top the pizza but the crust is thin so you can eat so many. By the way, my personal record is six pizzas. My foreign friend said that it was "Japan's most delicious pizza ever". I heard it goes well with beer and when I was there, people looked happy eating and gulping down their beer.
The next dish is "pasta with clams and fresh basil".

The colors of the white pasta and the green basil compliment each other and when it is brought to the table, the fine aroma tickles the nose.
The clams have a sweet flavor and it is a perfect amount for polishing off.
The course continues with the "Veal Parmesan Cutlet". The harmony of the veal, the cheese and the deep fried breaded coating is irresistible. But the key is the tomato based sauce. The delicious "lightly browned" mashed potatoes and the sweetness of the corn bring out the best of the cutlet. Oh, yes, and red wine goes well with this dish and is highly recommended.
You may worry about how your stomach will be the day after eating each dish from this course . . . You'll be fine because the flavor is not too rich and each dish is so delicious.
Former owner, Katsuhide Horii's daughter, helped with the explanation of the Sicilia Restaurant for this homepage. She fondly remembered her father and when she talked about him, she had a beautiful smile on her face. Thank you so much for your help.

In the past, we also had a restaurant in Ginza but now we have only our Roppongi location. Our predecessor's motto was "Even if you are on a low budget, feel free to come and eat delicious Italian food in your price range!". We strive to continue with this motto, the menu hasn't changed much since it opened and the prices are not that different either. Lunch is from ¥790 which is almost unheard of in Roppongi but we do it for our customers.

In an era of change, we hope that the red and white checkered table cloths that we have had since we opened, the famous customers' graffiti, the thoughtfulness of the staff, and the warm and relaxing ambiance of the restaurant welcomes everyone, even those of you who come for the first time. Be sure to drop in and eat at the fabulous "Sicilia" Restaurant.
Collezione CHIANTI wine(FULL) ¥3,150-
Asahi Super Dry(Small bottle) ¥550-
French Onion Soup ¥680-
Green salad ¥520-
Anchovy and garlic pizza ¥730-
Pasta with clams and Basil ¥790-
Veal Parmesan Cutlet ¥1,000-

Address :
B1F , 6-1-26 , Roppongi , Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Access :
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line: Roppongi Station (1 minute walk)
Toei Oedo Line: Roppongi Station (1 minute walk) 
Business hours :
Monday to Friday: 16:00 pm - 0:00 am (Last order 23:30 pm)*weekday lunch is closed
Saturday ,Sunday and National Holidays: 11:00 am - 0:00 am (Last order 23:30 pm)
Holidays :  Open all year round