This was the 3rd year of the "Roppongi Photo Walk" event and it was be held on November 28, 2015. The lecturer, Sonoe had been invited to give a talk and walk around town with the participants to find something new about Roppongi through the lens of a camera, as well as discover something surprising and unexpected at the "Roppongi Photo Walk" event. This event targeted camera enthusiasts. They walked around Roppongi together, they were introduced to different places and Roppongi's history, they discussed what places to photograph and listened to stories of the town, and of course, just had a good time.

Part 1 : Orientation (introduction of participants, schedule, what places to photograph and explanation)
Part 2 : Walk around town and take pictures
Part 3 : Lecture (reflect on the day's photo walk)
Part 4 : Illumination Photo Shoot

Naoko Takahashi

Yurika Seki
Naoe Seki

Suguru Yoshida

Tadao Kawaguchi
Asami Higashi

Yoshinori Yoshikawa
Yoshiko Nakajima
Mika Tomii

This year, the Roppongi Photo Walk started at the Haiyuza Theatre Rehearsal Center where a lecture was given. This is a place that is not usually open to the public. Then, everyone went to the International House of Japan and enjoyed the Japanese autumn garden in the middle of Roppongi 5-chome.

The second half of the walk started with the Keyakizaka illuminations and the participants took advantage of this special season to get that special photo that was worth keeping. We also lent out cameras for the event (Fujifilm mirrorless camera) so that everyone could get the best out of this event. From children to elderly people, they snapped their cameras to capture something new about Roppongi.

Looking at the participants photos, once again, we could see that everyone had enjoyed the event and we were happy that they were able to express their original vision of Roppongi.

Sonoe Sensei

Originally from Nigata. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University. Apprenticed under Eiji Araki. In 2003, set up "Lightinguz" and became an independent photographer. With her unique perspective and sensitivity, she takes photographs for advertisements and is very successful. From sweets to scenery, she can photograph anything. She often gets offers from camera companies. At a recent photography seminar, she talked over and over about the importance of "taking photos from the heart". She is a member of the Public Interest Incorporated Association Japan Advertising Photographer's Association.

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