The Roppongi Shopping Street Association has a structure where the local shop owners and residents recruit volunteers to cooperate with the city and local police and take action when needed. Certain owners and staff of certain establishments, along with pleasure seekers from other places sometimes do not follow the regulations or ethics of this town and this is why the structure was formed in order to have the rules complied with thoroughly.

Our goal is for the town of Roppongi to be a beautiful place for visitors as well as local residents and to be able to walk around with peace of mind and a sense of well-being.
We try to help visitors annoyed with the narrow sidewalks filled with rampant solicitors and crack down on people handing out flyers, etc. And at night, we supervise troublemakers who take over the sidewalks and sell merchandise illegally. We also handle the removal of stall keepers and stands, signboards that pack the sidewalks, and bicycles and motorbikes parked on the sidewalks. We discipline people who smoke while walking, and people who litter.

>> We work closely with the Roppongi Safe and Secure Patrol Company (Ltd) Executive Protection