To promote its masquerade event "Roppongi Masquerade" Roppongi decorates its streets with street lights and flags, which are designed by Keisuke Nagatomo.

These flags are recycled into bags (92 bags this time) and the limited number are for sale!

Would you like a tastefully designed limited Roppongi bag?
It is sold only at the Roppongi Street.
Exterior Material : Tarpaulin
Size : W450×H370×D140mm
Price : ¥3,780(including tax)
Masquerade Art Direction
Flag Design
: Keisuke Nagatomo
To order the "Flag bag", please send a fax or email to the Roppongi Shopping Street Association with your name and contact numbers.

The Roppongi office will contact you as soon as the bags arrived (for pickup). For delivery, please contact us regarding payment information. Because of the limited number of bags, we will take orders "first come first serve". If they sell out, they cannot be reordered. Thank you for your understanding!
Roppongi Shopping Street Association